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 Pure Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Saffron 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained from Organic Farming, produced in Italy by Italian olives, filtered.
The bottles are wrapped and finished by hand
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Ciao, I am Camilla!

I live in Tuscany in Chianti area together with my big family - my husband, my 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 donkeys, 2 little Tibetan goats and 12 chickens.

Here is where we grow 1000 olive trees with passion and devotion!

Next to the olive grove, our old dream that just came true: the small piece of land where our new Tuscan saffron cultivation, just gave us wonderful flowers and a fragrant delicious saffron.

We give also cooking classes sharing with friends from all over the world, old Tuscan recipes my grandmother taught me, olive oil tasting class and truffle hunting with the special dog.

And since last year we started doing truffle hunting in the forest with the special dog, searching for these wonderful and tasting things. 

Now you know our story: I am sure you will be with your mind close to us while enjoying these products of mine.


Our Services

Cooking class


This is our Place!!!

You will enjoy my cooking class in the middle of our garden preparing tuscan meal or enjoying a good glass of wine in front of this wonderful view!

Come to visit us!

Contact me for any information